To work was comfortable for you and other customers and designers, we suggest you read the site rules. We remind you that violation of the rules, most likely, entails the eternal blocking of the account.

Basic provisions:

1. Multiple registration is not allowed on the LogoOpen website. Each of the users of the site can have only one Customer account and one Designer account.

2. It is not allowed to carry out actions and publish materials that violate the existing laws of the Russian Federation, in particular, it is prohibited:

2.1. Placement on the site of materials of erotic and pornographic content, propagandizing discrimination on racial, national, sexual, social and other grounds calling for the use of narcotic substances.

2.2. Send spam, perform actions aimed at collecting e-mail addresses, contacts, personal data in order to spread spam.

2.3. Blackmail, threats against other members of the site, slanderous accusations.

2.4. Fraudulent actions on your behalf or on behalf of other users, aimed at taking possession of another's account or cash.

2.5. Violation of copyrights of contest participants, illegal use of works.

3. In private messages, blogs, competitions, the use of obscene language is prohibited, insults and threats against other users of the site are not allowed.

4. It is prohibited to place advertisements in sections of the site that are not intended for this purpose, as well as spam and any actions aimed at the distribution of spam, including the collection of contact data for LogoOpen users.

5. It is forbidden hacking of other people's accounts, including the fraudulent acquisition of the user's login and password.

Rules of work for designers

1. Remember copyright. The use of someone else's work, full or partial copying of designs developed by other specialists, is not allowed. Remember that for copyright infringement it is you who are responsible, established by law.

2. Carefully read the requirements put forward by the Customer. The higher the degree to which your work meets the requirements that were proposed, the higher the likelihood that your design will become the winner.

3. Please do not post promotional materials, links and contact information in the works, in those places of the site that are not intended for this. If hidden advertising is detected, it will be deleted by the moderators, and you will receive a warning.

4. Do not post the original file with your design in the competition. This may entail the use of the work or any of its elements without your consent.

5. Be respectful of other contestants and their works, as well as customers. Do not allow insults, obscene lexicon in communication.

6. Laying out the work for the competition, you thereby give your full consent to the gratuitous use of of your design and its elements for demonstration on the site, and for the dissemination of information about the site & nbsp; on other sites on the Internet. The author's name is indicated at the discretion of LogoOpen.

7. If you won or you are entitled to a portion of the prize pool, make sure that the requisites for transferring money are correct. If within forty-five days you have not provided the correct information necessary to pay you the prize fund (part thereof), and as a result, the transfer became impossible, the money will be returned to the Customer.

8. It is forbidden to post the work in the form of comments to the "stub" in the Gallery. Layouts need to be uploaded exclusively to the Gallery itself. If you draw websites or mobile applications, spread them completely, to the maximum extent, on a white background.

9. Logos should be uploaded only on a white or other monophonic background. To illustrate one logo, you can only use one more mocap. It is forbidden to spread the same logo again. We wish you creative ideas and grand victories!

Rules of work for customers

1. Make the technical specification as detailed as possible & ndash; the more accurately you express your requirements for the future design, the more precisely they will be able to perform the contest participants. Give more time to the brief & ndash; get an excellent result!

2. The competition is not designed to collect ideas. Remember that each of the works submitted in the competition belongs to the designer who executed it. To get the copyrights to the chosen design passed to you, you need to declare the work a winner and pay the designer fee.

3. Remember that the number of participants and the level of work depends on your budget. If you want to get maximum bids from the competition, set the budget higher.

4. In the process of the contest, evaluate and comment on the work of the participants & ndash; this will allow them to better understand what you want to see in the end. Ratings and Comments & ndash; a great way to improve the results of the competition!

5. Respect all works of Designers. Sharp criticism, insults, accusation of incompetence can lead to the fact that the number of people who want to participate in your contest will decrease each time.

6. By registering on the site, you give your consent to receive newsletters from the administration (not more than 2 times a month). In each mailing there is a reference to the rejection of further letters.

We wish you successful contests and talented designers!