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Features of Advertising and Media logos

Latest technologies and developments have made logo designing even more essential for business success. Advertising and Media is one of the major booms that have created massive impact on the business arena. In recent years, advertising and media companies have come to realize the importance of logos for their corporate identity. In order to get your advertising and media services recognized you require advertising and media logos to notify your presence. The first thing that clients look at is your corporate identity. For that an effective advertising and media logo is needed at all costs. Following are the salient feature of advertising and media logos:


Advertising and Media is a stepping stone for connectivity and innovation. Hence the fonts used should be progressive and modern in nature. Avoid using immature typeface like comic sans. Your advertising and media logo must use contemporary fonts. San serif and Time New Roman fonts are preferable for advertising and media logos.


Before designing an advertising and media logo, it is imperative to understand the platforms where it will be used. Since an advertising and media logo is mostly used on screens and in motion, choosing colors is important for clarity and versatility across all mediums. While vibrant colors look attractive in print, they may cause visibility issues on-screen. Bold colors like blue, green and black are appropriate for advertising and media logos.


The symbols used for advertising and media logos are not necessarily associated with computer peripherals or internet devices or T.V. Alternatively, graphics that denote the true purpose of advertising and media services like speed, global, reliability and permanent connection can also be used. Figures that represent communiation and reliance are helpful in denoting the firm’s dedication to providing top-quality advertising and media services.

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